PQUIM - Your Color Supplier


Our Company, founded in 1992, imports and commercializes raw materials for different Paint, Ink, Coating, Plastics, Cosmetics, Soaps, Detergents, and similar industries. We are the distribution channel for renowned companies of the Chemical Industry. We have offices and warehouses in Bogotá, Medellin and Cali, allowing us national coverage.



We provide high quality raw materials and excellent technical support for their optimal use. Our technical team works as a link between the manufacturer and the customer.


Our commercial experience and business seriousness allows us to establish long-term relationships with those we represent as well as our customers.



We are committed to provide high performance and excellent quality raw materials to the Colombian Industry, ensuring our customers the best cost-benefit ratio when manufacturing their products.


Additionally to adequate technical support, we provide excellent post-sales service. Always seeking to maintain the best cooperation relationships and technical support with manufacturers of the raw materials we commercialize.


We make sure we generate great wellbeing and promote the personal and professional development of our collaborators.



Our objective is to continue generating trustworthiness to our customers through high-quality technical service, a broad variety of products with the best quality, allowing us to remain in the market as the best Color Supplier.


Prevail as the best distribution option for the companies we represent. Continue in the search of environmental friendly products in the pursuit of the welfare of the community.


Our growth and strength as a Company will reflect on the wellbeing of our employees.